What We Do


Workforce Outreach Programs

We CONNECT or reconnect Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans to numerous education. health and workforce development related resources, including Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living. We also CONNECT with “disability and veteran friendly” educational institutions, businesses, associations and faith-based organizations to enhance awareness via phone/video conferencing, consultation via seminar or webinar, social media, and participation at events.

We EDUCATE Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans about how to use the resources to self-advocate for accommodations in the classroom and workplace, adapt to life with or without disability benefits, address the stigmas, share inspiring stories and valuable information on the White Apple Institute Talk Show, and become eligible to enroll in Dr. Applewhite’s Self-Rehabilitation Program ©.

We SUPPORT Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans emotionally with Peer and Professional Mentorships, Student Memberships*, and Sponsorships** for Crisis Management Stipends throughout their journey to workforce success.

* Peer and Professional Mentorships share advice, experiences, and knowledge from Dr. Applewhite’s Self-Rehabilitation Program ©using ONLINE methods. Learn more.. (Contact us for more information!)

** Student Memberships provide eligibility to apply for a Crisis Management Stipend provided by sponsors for unexpected financial hardship that may negatively impact school and workforce opportunities.Learn more.. (Visit Membership page)

*** Sponsorship provides Crisis Management Stipends to prevent drop out due to unexpected financial hardships not funded by other programs. Learn more.. (Visit Sponsorship page)

We help “non-traditional” adult learners and student veterans

bmancantthinkThe staff of White Apple Institute continually witness the positive change in a person with any form of “dis-ability” when they are connected to resources, educated about utilizing the resources, and supported with a hand up versus a hand out.

Educators, employers, and counselors continue to express great concerns about the recruitment, retention, performance, and productivity issues facing Veterans and Non-Veterans in the workforce. Specifically, those who are categorized as Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans with invisible, as well as visible disabilities striving to complete college and vocational training programs to ensure their success. There are over 1.000,000 Student Veterans in postsecondary institutions. Over 85% are characterized as non-traditional students between the ages of 24 and 40 and employed. Over 47% are married with children! Over 46% have considered suicide due to transitioning to civilian life, difficulties managing family, school, work schedules, and managing emotional and mental health. Our emphasis, at White Apple Institute, is on helping those categorized as nontraditional, underserved, and disabled yet ineligible for benefits, become contributing citizens in their communities and our world. Here is what other experts are saying:

*Nontraditional Student Veterans experience all the above, in addition to psychological transitions into civilian cultures at school, work and a quality of life.