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Dr. Applewhite, “I, Thank You and the White Apple Institute so much for your help with my electric bill and counseling fees. I passed my final exam because you helped me get accommodations for my Dyslexia so I could test without pressure of time. I’m going to nursing school in fall and working part-time as a Caregiver. I will not give up this time.”
~ A.R. Phoenix, AZ

My Dearest Professor Apple, “It is always a blessing to be hearing from you. Thanks for your reply, that goes right to my heart. I am doing well and I could say that my determination, courage and persistence is thanks to you since 7 years ago because you have been coaching me values of Life. I don’t feel so upset all the time and I trust in GOD and I know that He is The master of all. I also get my English level in progression thanks to you and all the staff of White Apple Institute.”
~ M.S. Burkina Faso, Africa

Dr. Apple, “I tried to finish college so many times. I felt like a failure and my depression and the MS was getting worse. My marriage ended, I lost my job and I was ready to drop out of college again. My mom heard about you and we listened to your radio show. I’m so grateful to God that you and your staff helped me get accommodations so I could test out of my Math and English classes. I am now a college graduate and have the best job ever in the library. I love you all!!”
~ C.H. New York

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Fast Facts
Students with disabilities – National Center for Education Statistics
How many students in postsecondary education have a disability? Response: Eleven percent of undergraduates in both 2007–08 and 2011–12 reported having … read more
TR Wolanin – ‎Cited by 3 – ‎Related articles
Colleges may not discriminate against students with disabilities in ….. This chapter provides descriptive statistics drawn from a variety of sources about students …
Single Mother Guide
Parents of dependent children make up about a quarter (4.8 million) of all undergraduates in the United States.
Nearly half of those parents (42.5%) are single mothers and of those, more than three-quarters (87.8%) are low-income.
Women of color are more likely than other college students to have dependent children.
Nearly 1 in 2 African American college students, or 47%, are parents. Native American and Hispanic/Latino students are also disproportionately likely to have children, at 41.4% and 31.6% respectively.
University of Washington
universityofwashingtonThe number of students with disabilities attending higher education has increased. … Career outcomes for college graduates with disabilities are reported to be …
What is Best for Vets
vet-with-book-190x270Traditional four-year schools are on the verge of losing an entire generation of student veterans because of lackluster recruiting and support programs, according to new research. The findings, from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, comprise the first in a series of reports designed to challenge higher education officials to find.
Arizona Vet Magazine
arizonaveteranmagazineThe Arizona Veterans Magazine is published by: Publisher, Editor & Advertising Director — Mark Field, US Navy Veteran — Submarine Service at MarkField@AZVetMag.com. The magazine reaches numerous readers per copy, we distribute to high veteran traffic locations including
VA Medical Centers & Clinics and much more!
Veteran Petitions
5d573c0c-2af3-40b4-8f11-5cebc0d19656-300x167Veteran Petitions To Oust VA Agent Orange Denier – One veteran started a Change.org petition to oust VA Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy after he was promoted as acting Under Secretary for Benefits at VA. Thomas Murphy, formerly the Director of Compensation, was just promoted to acting Under Secretary for VBA. Unfortunately for Vietnam veterans, Murphy is a documented Agent Orange denier.
Parents in college must juggle responsibilities
spark_banner-300x62Listen to the radio show – ASK DR. APPLEWHITE- WHY DO PARENTS DROP OUT ? Parenting and going to college at the same time is not an easy thing to do. It’s a full-time job especially for single parents. Being a parent and attending school at the same time is very challenging, according to […]
Beverly Johnson supports White Apple Institute
Make sure you listen to the Ask Dr. Applewhite Radio Talk Show to hear why Beverly Johnson supports White Apple Institute. Listen to the radio show -ASK DR. APPLEWHITE- ABOUT PERCEPTIONS OF BEAUTY AND DISABILITY
Stigma of Mental Illness
2016-05-03_1408Listen to the radio show – ASK DR. APPLEWHITE- ABOUT MENTAL DISIBILITY AND SHAME? Stigma of Mental Illness: Families are often embarrassed by mentally Ill relatives:
Honoring Veterans
2016-05-03_1407_001Honoring Veterans with the well known and honored tradition of the Missing Man Table
Homeless Disabled Students
homeless-150x140Listen to the radio show – ASK DR. APPLEWHITE- ABOUT HOMELESS DISABLED STUDENTS AND VETERANS? Most students aren’t sure what they want to do after graduation: