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The White Apple Institute Talk Show (formerly STUDENT2TEACHER Radio) focuses on ways Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans and can succeed in the classroom and the workforce while managing psychological stressors and social traumas that disable a person emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The show features programs that address issues that relate to burnout or loss of jobs, dropout from classes, depression, hopelessness, homelessness, suicidal thoughts, adaptation to chronic pain, learning and motivation issues, lack of resources, self-advocacy and accommodations, overwhelming class and work schedules, parenting, discrimination, racism, violence, cultural, LGBTQ, Foreign Language Anxiety, relationship responsibilities, mental health, independent living and vocational rehabilitation challenges and more.

Since 2009, the show has helped thousands change the perception of “dis-abled” to “differently-abled,” improve performance, productivity and retention and succeed at school, work and life! The White Apple Institute Talk Show is operated by a volunteer staff and funded by tax deductible donations. Visit to help pay operating costs, provide resources and continue outreach efforts to Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans categorized as underserved and disabled.

Take a bite of White Apple Wisdom by joining the conversations and/or listening to the following feature programs:

The ASK DR. APPLEWHITE Program: Join “down to earth” controversial discussions, get inspired and informed, ask questions and find answers related to preventing Nontraditional Adult Learners/Student Veterans from dropping and/or burning out in school, work and life. Guests share exciting opportunities for veterans and nonveterans who wish to reconnect with resources, even if they are no longer an active student. Listen or share inspiring stories and get successful tips from professionals involved in education, health care (physical, mental, spiritual), Disabled Resource Centers (on campus), Employment Assistant Programs (Human Resources), Independent Living and Vocational Rehabilitation. The program is hosted by Dr. Danita Applewhite and students and veterans at White Apple Institute and all over the world).

The VET2VET2U Program: This is the only place to hear the “real” problems and solutions facing student veterans (male and female), and their family members, as they transition into the civilian cultures at school and work and achieve a quality life. The conversations include tips on managing disabilities found commonly among veterans (i.e., Traumatic Brain Injury, learning, mental and emotional disabilities, blindness, deafness, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), depression, amputation, and other visible and invisible disabilities). Hear announcements about events, legislation and benefit issues in Arizona and across the nation. Hosted by Dr. Danita Applewhite, Mitchell Caviness and fellow veterans and their families and friends willing to share their motivating stories about helping themselves and others change the perception of “dis-abled” to “differently-abled veteran.” Enjoy guests from a variety of organizations and companies as they share opportunities and benefits you may not hear anywhere else.