White Apple Institute 

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For Veterans and Non-Veterans, Employees and Students with Disabilities

​​​​​​​​​​NEVER LET A STUDENT GIVE UP because they need a few dollars for counseling and testing fees, medications, transportation, child care, adaptive devices and more ....


PREVENT DROP-OUT and BURN-OUT from college, work training programs. and LIFE!

Veterans Crisis Hotline 

Join the challenge of helping Veterans who are helping themselves by CHANGING THE PERCEPTION OF DISABLED TO DIFFERENTLY-ABLED! Accepting the Challenge to Change the Perception of 
"Dis-abled" to "Differently-abled"

Dr. Applewhite's Self-Rehabilitation Program has helped thousands of adults, including Veterans, with disabilities and emotional

  • avoid drop out from higher education

  • ​avoid burn-out in employment

  • ​adapt to chronic pain and disability

  • ​increase performance at school and work

  • improve attitude, communication, and self-advocacy skill​s

 Ask Dr. Applewhite Radio      Down-to-earth discussions about controversial  issues and sharing of success stories from Adult Learners/Students, Veterans, and employees to encourage independent living. 

​​​​​​​​​The mission of White Apple Institute (WAI) is to provide vocational rehabilitation resources for Veterans and Non-Veterans with disabilities and/or emotional challenges, for their success in higher education and the workforce.

The vision of White Apple Institute (WAI) is to ensure that persons with Mental/Learning, Non-visible and Physical disabilities have equal access to educational and workforce opportunities and a choice to accept the challenge to change the image and  perception of "dis-abled" to "differently-abled."

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White Apple Institute

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